More Prosperous Economic Liberty

Abundant economic opportunities are critical for the economic success and financial freedom of citizens in this country. The most defensible role for government in the free market is protecting property rights and providing legal framework to protect free trade.


The United States of America was formed from our founding fathers adverse reaction to empirical taxation and oppression. Here are 3 actionable plans to put us back on the course our founding fathers intended.  

Ending the IRS

The IRS has become a weaponized authoritarian extension of the federal government that works within a 70,000+ page tax code that makes it impossible for American Citizens to understand what they are funding, how it is being funded, or who to look to when things go wrong. This department is largely ineffective and unconstitutional. 

Consumption Tax Plan

I propose a Consumption tax that reduces tax code complexity, drives the government to operate only from collected funds and opens opportunities for Americans to live in prosperity, and with security. Americans expect each other to live within their means and should reasonably expect the same from their government.

Trade Relief Program

Hundreds of thousands of government and private sector workers rely on the cumbersome tax code to earn a living. One of the components of this tax plan is a budget set aside for 2 years of financial relief and trade school financing for those workers to find, develope, and apply new skills and education towards a new career. 

Government Spending

Radical government spending and combative appropriations stalemates need to come to an end. No more government shut downs that hurt our service men and women and government worker’s families. Downsizing will balance the budget.

Budget Reform

The federal government has grown into one of the largest and most corrupt money laundering organizations in the world. Funnelling billions of hard working American tax payer dollars through convoluted and deceptive legislation to different areas of the federal government. We will significantly reduce the federal spending budget to an acceptable level and create new technology and reporting on the distribution of those funds for a level of transparency that the American people deserve. 

Realistic Operations

The government has grown to a size that makes it impossible for every day citizens to track its actual operations. Several infrastructure and community welfare programs that should be handled at the state or local level are poorly managed by the overcompensated federal government and those programs need to be returned to the proper authority and removed from federal control. 

Enumerated Power

Many of our elected representatives in Washington have either forgotten or disregarded the documents that breathed life into this country and set us on a path to being one of the greatest super powers in the world. The government was designed by the founding fathers to hold certain powers and be responsible for certain securities and nothing else. It is time that Washington goes back to following the law as set forth in our Constitution. 

Free Market Freedom

Political interference and federally funded loans and investments have historically failed. We need to get the government out of the way so that private institutions can operate competitively on the free market. 


By restricting and interfering with banking and lending operations the federal government has handicapped the free market and crippled the American People. Regulating bankruptcy and student loans is creating a new financial crisis that simply will not be fixed with a “bail out”. If we don’t pay attention to this issue we will see a total economic collapse that could destroy our country. 

Consumer Protection

One of the responsibilities of our government that has been completely turned upside down is protecting consumers. Instead of the government regulating corporations that prey on and over burden the American People, they hinder entreprenuership and get into bed with massive corporations. The federal government is duty bound to protect its people from dangerous and predatory corporations. 

Labor Markets

In order for there to be a free market that means that the government can no longer impose arbitrary licensing and regulations of consentual exchanges. I support the right of all Americans to establish and operate businesses, without government interference, that exchange products and services for compensation totally unmolested as long as they do not directly infringe on the constitutional rights of another citizen. 

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