Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

The purpose of Sam Adams campaign is to bring honesty, transparency, and integrity back to Washington. By informing the American Public about the real issues facing our country and bringing constitutionally founded modern solutions to the table, we can take back our freedom.


The American Economy has been the envy of the modern world for over 200 years. Until now. With major reductions in the size of our government we can once again be prosperous and free.


America has always been a beautiful melting pot of races and cultures. But without a truly progressive and technologically advanced immigration system we are vulnerable and our infrastructure is at jeopardy.

Foreign Affairs

The Unites States has been a major economic and military ally to many countries around the world in our short history. But our responsibilities are right here at home. Fair and firm from afar is our goal.  


The government has limited power in how it interferes with the lives of citizens. We want to limit government involvement in day to day life to protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 


Our domestic policy was laid out by the founding fathers and since then all we have done is limit and regulate those freedoms away. It is time to get back to a system of freedoms that encourages prosperity. 


The United States of America has a responsibility to our citizens and to our fellow humans to do everything in our power to preserve and protect our planet while limiting negative impacts. 

Health Care

Health Care is, and should remain, a private institution that is the responsibility of each individual and their community. Charity and the private sector can provide greater health care than the government. 


The two party system is broken. We have one of the most corrupt and dangerous electorate systems in the world. No more buying and selling career politicians to maximize profit while minimizing people.

Government Downsize

It’s time to downsize our government. The American government has become massive, wasteful, and unproductive. It’s time we start to limit the government and balance the budget.

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