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The United States of America is one of the most coveted and sacred dreams to many people from other parts of the world. We want to encourage people with the desire for a better life, who want to escape oppression, and who want to contribute to their community to immigrate in a safe and legal way that makes America the shining promise that it once was. 


The United States of America is one of the most prosperous and technologically advanced nations on Earth. It is absolutely unacceptable that we are not contributing the resources and technology to bring our immigration process current.


We want to build an immigration system and infrastructure that makes LEGAL immigration an option that is so simple ILLEGAL immigration seems like more trouble than it is worth. By dedicating the necessary resources to expanding our visa approval system allowing people to come here and become established, then having a 6-12 month reporting requirement that focuses on documented employment, stable housing history, and no criminal activity we can expedite the citizenship approval process. 


The underground illegal immigration process is dangerous not just because of the potential for those who wish to do harm to Americans entering the country, but more often than not it is dangerous for those seeking a new life here.


We believe that all people have a right to dignity and individual human rights. The current underground illegal immigration industry exposes good honest hard working people to drug trafficking, human trafficking, and even extortion torture and murder. These people so desperately want to live an improved life that they are willing to risk the safety of themselves and their families just to build a new life in The United States and we should stop turning a blind eye to this issue that puts eveyone involved in serious danger. 


It is no surprise that instead of actually doing something about this fundamental crisis, our elected officials simply use immigration as a further divisive tactic to create distraction and confusion between people without enacting solutions.


It is our responsibility as citizens of the “land of immigrants” to take action and enact legislation that reforms our immigration process and allows the federal government to move on from decades long arguments and focus on other issues. By providing a new “Immigrant Ambassador Agency” that assigns hands on oversight of the citizenship process, building new technological systems that streamline the immigration process, creating more secure borders that deter the illegal immigration industry, and reforming our tax code to a more feasible consumption based revenue model we can solve several problems that have put us in a critical and dangerous economic and security situation. 

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