Health Care

Free to choose, free trade 

In an health care system that is unregulated services, insurance, and standards of care are forced to compete at a healthy and economically balanced level. When the government starts to get involved everyone suffers, most importantly the care recipient. 


The federal government has no business mandating citizens health care options. While there is a responsibility to protect the overall health and well being of the general public, we do not condone or recognize tyrannical oppression of free trade. 


The federal government has no business in the health insurance market. The ONLY business the federal government has in any industry is to protect consumers from monopolies and predatory business practices. People should be free to choose a provider that best fits their health situation and providers should be free to set their own regulations on when someone is allowed to apply for benefits. 


Because of the risk to public health, which would immediately and forcably impact the God given rights of other citizens to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Vaccination is a necessary federal issue. However, the nature of the side effects of vaccination are still up for debate. Instead of arguing for the legitimacy of vaccination the government should be committing resources and attention to improving the overall quality and control of these vaccinations to limit the possible negative impacts on our citizens. 

Mental Health

We have a responsibility to our fellow Americans to provide a safe and happy life for all citizens. The mental health epidemic in our country has reached a boiling point and we should be writing policy that empowers care providers.

Addiction Services

We live in a society of addiction. This is a destructive and dangerous afflication that has consumed millions of people right here in the United States. Families are shattered and torn apart while the afflicted often suffer and die young. I do not believe that the government has a right or responsibility to fund these programs but I do believe that funding research and promoting private sector health care clinics is in our best interest as a nation. I want to build an environment that nutures and supports the mental health community to give as many American People as possible the best quality of life. 

Prison Reform

The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Over 20% of our incarcerated individuals have some form of serious mental illness. Our prison system needs major reform to more privatized and for profit systems which would allow for greater mental health screening and secondary care and corrections facilities that would help to rehabilitate and treat the afflicted individuals. People who are suffering from true mental illness deserve our compassion and the ability to have a high quality of life just as much as anyone else. 

Veteran Health

For the last 60 years, the federal government has banged the drum of patriotism for the men and women who are hero’s of our armed forces. However, we have failed those who have sacrificed everything for our freedoms when it comes to health. 

22 A Day

The current rate of suicide for our veterans, both male and female, has become an issue that we simply cannot ignore. These men and women have made a contribution to the protection of our freedoms and way of life that 99% of the population will never understand. But, due to a completely broken and poorly run benefits administration they are unable to receive the care and attention that they deserve which has lead to catastrophic incidents of suicide and unintentional death. By privatizing our veteran health care and giving them unrestricted access to providers we can start to reduce these tragedies. 


One of the greatest impacts that we can have on improving the mental and overall health of our veterans is to stop sending hundreds of thousands of troops a year on unnecessary deployments to our global military installations. By dramatically reducing the size of our global military presence and keeping more troops here in the US, we can provide greater benefits and lessen the affect of family separation which is one of the leading causes of depression, PTSD, and suicide in veterans. While it is important that we maintain the worlds greatest military readiness and capabilities we can also use some of the funding that we would save to improve care that is given to troops when they are on necessary deployments. Field medics and deployed health services forces could be given significantly improved facilities and equipment to reduce permanent disabilities and affects during combat. 

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