Foreign Affairs

The new “Hands Off” approach

Our current level of involvement from an economic and military standpoint is crippling our position on the world stage and hindering our ability to do more right here at home. By taking a more “Hands Off” approach, like many of our allies, we can focus on our own problems. 


The United States has done a poor job of impacting many of the problems that face less developed parts of the world. Many times private citizens and corporations are far more effective at finding solutions and delivering charitable aid. 

Financial Aid

The United States should take a firm position of sequestering very little resources for charitable aid. Those parts of the world or allied countries that are desperately in need of our help should receive it on rare ocassions and it should be left to communities and individual citizens to create philanthropic and charitable organizations to help other citizens of the world. 

Freedom To Choose

Since the government is giving aid in the form of money and resources collected from the entirety of the American People, it is important to remember that some citizens may object to certain aid that is provided. By limiting the amount of resources that are taken from citizens and directed to other parts of the world this gives the American People the option to contribute on whatever level they are comfortable and to which areas of the world they feel most deserving of those contributions. 

The Middle East

It has never been profitable or advantageous for the United States to get involved in taking sides in the Middle East. Risking the safety and security of our citizens to try and help wage holy wars is a violation of the enumerated powers.  

Direct Threats

Due to the nature of these areas of the world and the global declaration of war by its combatants it is important that the United States remains vigilant and steadfast in its military readiness to fight any enemy. However, with the exception of credible direct threats to our security at home, it is not our responsibility nor in our interest to seek out these enemies at the cost of young men and womens lives and massive amounts of resources. 

War on Terror

The “War on Terror” is a costly, devastating, and unnecessary military operation that has contributed to the near bankruptcy of our country. We have hundreds of thousands of mentally afflicted service members returning from long and arbitrary deployments who are unable to get the care and support they need due to the ever rising cost of our involvement in a conflict that was never ours to begin with. It is time to end the war on terror and start fighting the war on mental health. 

Military Installations

Since the early 1900’s the United States has had a foot hold in many parts of the world in hopes of deterring another world war or possible nuclear conflict. However, with advances in warfare and modern technology that is increasingly unneeded. 

Bring Troops Home

The number of active military installations around the world can be significantly reduced. The United States simply does not need a permanently constructed position in every major country across the world in order to sustain deployable personnel for “policing the world”. We need to bring our service men and women home, back to their families, and maintain a domestic military force that is prepared to fight for our national security and the preservation of freedom. 

Increased Pay

A major reduction in deployed service members and active military installations would save hundred of billions of dollars every year. A major portion of that money could be spent on improving homeland security infrastructure, our immigration infrastructure, and increased wages for military personnel. The men and women of our armed forces and their families deserve a greater amount of financial freedom and a higher quality of earning and comfort. These are the people who voluntarily risk their lives for the protection of our freedom and prosperity and it is time they are rewarded for that bravery. 

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