A healthy planet for our future generations

The time for political rhetoric and leverage is long over. There is unquestionable scientific evidence that the human race is having a negative affect on the health of our planet and if we don’t come together to fix it, we wont have anything left to give our children. 

Climate Affect

We have seen a significant and measurable rise in the temperatures of sea water as well as a global increase in coral bleaching events which is destroying crucial habitats for wildlife. We need to start focusing on this issue. 


The Federal government has a responsibility to limit the amount of pollutants and contaminants that are dumped into the ocean by any and all means necessary. These irresponsible and destructive activites are destroying ocean life and weakening the biosphere to the point of critical affect. We must focus more attention on preventing these activities and reversing the affects of the damage already done. 

Carbon Foot Print

Incentives already exist for businesses and for consumers to reduce their carbon foot print and control the amount of carbon we are contributing to the atmosphere. We should be significantly increasing these incentives and measuring the affect to justify further research and funding. 

Nuclear Waste

We are not handling nuclear waste and energy production well at all. There are nearly a dozen sites around the world that have been permanently radiated from poor handling of radioactive and nuclear material. We are also missing out on a huge opportunity for clean and safe energy from nuclear biproducts. We need to stop taking money from the energy sector in Washington and start to implement these safer methods of energy production and radioactive waste management. 

Global Cooperation

The formation of a consolidated global health counsel that focuses on reducing the total nuclear, radioactive, and environmental waste needs to be a focus for our elected reps in Washington. This is not just a US problem. 

Nuclear Agreement

A global standard for the handling of Nuclear waste and biproducts should be a top priority on the list. All modern countries using nuclear power for energy and other utility operations should be following a guideline for responsible production, testing, and disposal of nuclear material. 

Clean Water

Several parts of the world are affected with tainted and unsafe water. Including several parts of our United States. We should not sit idly by while hundreds of millions of people go without clean drinking water and I believe that this falls under the protection of the responsibilities of our federal government. We should form exploratory committies to find out the cost and best execution of a global clean water initiative. 

Ocean Cleanup

It isn’t just the United States that is dumping millions of pounds of trash and non-biodegradable material into the ocean. One of the most beautiful things about our oceans is the connection that it brings to all countries. Regardless of politics or religious separations our oceans connect all living people on our planet and we have a global responsibility to keep them clean and to protect our oceanic habitat. 

Economic Incentive

Taking care of our planet means increasing our number of checks and balances. Through the creation of committees and new positions dedicated to following environmental procedure, we can create many new jobs and even new industries. 

Private Sector

A clear libertarian principle is to keep the government small and allow the private sector to act as a third party to government oversight. By creating a new industry of global environmental cooperation we can create thousands and thousands of new jobs for people who are passionate about the health of our planet. This will boost economic activity and create new opportunities for millions.  

Federal Revision

Many people are probably wondering, “Don’t we already have government agencies like the EPA and others that do these things?” and that is a fair question. The government has tried to run environmental agencies and programs for decades and, as we can see from the data, totally botched all attempts. From massive oil spills, to water contamination, and massive Red Tide events in the southern parts of Florida and the Caribbean I would say that we have failed on a federal level. This strategy would strengthen the federal position and support of these activities, but place them in the hands of private sector workers who are not as susceptible to corruption or lackadaisical results. 


It is a fact that for the first 150 years of our country we proved that the PEOPLE could take better care of one another and our environment than the government. In the early 1900’s when the government decided to abandon our founding principles and start to tax it’s citizens we slowly lost our identity in fellowship. I believe that incentivising personal contribution and philanthropy, opposed to tax collection for federal involvement, is the greatest way to get communities and individuals to contribute to our goal for a cleaner and healthier planet.  

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