Domestic Policy

Minimizing regulations that limit Freedom

The United States of America is referred to as “The Land of the Free” but over the last 100 years we have become more and more limited in our freedoms. Freedom is God given and government protected, not the other way around. 

Gun Control

The Second Amendment is very clear on the right of citizens to keep and bear arms in the protection of themselves, their families, and their property against any threat foreign or domestic. This includes our own government. 

Constitutional Carry

It is a violation of the rights of every citizen, who wishes to possess and carry a firearm responsibly, to be refused the right to bear protection at all times. I would propose legislation that would confirm a training and safety licensure process and guarantee all citizens the freedom to carry a firearm for the protection of life and property. 

Modern Gun Control

The term “Gun Control” is used an awful lot these days. Mostly by liberals who are implying that if you restrict access to firearms or the modification of firearms, that you can just regulate away crime and tragedy. I would introduce legislation that establishes a federal standard for training, education, and safety that produces licensure for all citizens at minimal to no cost. This is a fundamentally protected right and as such is the responsibility of the government to provide for the common greater good of the American People. 

Background Checks

By introducing new legislation that makes personal licensure possible and available to all citizens, the need for a universal background check program to exist would dissolve. Simplifying the process for law enforcement to be able to quickly reconcile personal licensure of citizens in possession of firearms would dramatically reduce oversight and wrongful arrests, improve community relations and public safety, and create a powerful deterrent for individuals who seek to do massive harm.  

War on Drugs

For decades the United States government has waged a costly and ineffective War on Drugs that has only produced dangerous black markets and increased homicide rates. It is time we ended the federal governments War on Drugs.


There is a large difference between legalization, which basically means unregulated, and decriminalization. We should look to our allies in Europe who have very successfully found ways to decriminalize many substances and generate consumption revenue as a way of promoting safer substances while creating major new economies that help strengthen economic position. 


One of the responsibilities that the federal government DOES have is to protect the American People from predatory and unsafe corporations. Pharmaceutical operations have been spending astronomical amounts of money lobbying and securing favor with elected officials, while increasing prescription cost and insurance premiums for long enough. In order to balance the scales major campaign finance and consumer protection reforms need to be introduced through comprehensive legislation. 

Personal Consent

The War on Drugs is largely considered the War on Marijuana. However, all matter of manufactured substances should be left to the conscious and consideration of each individual. Community programs and charities are far better suited for counseling and addiction issues and “clean sites” for recreational users. It is not the responsibility, nor the right, of the federal government to regulate the chemicals that free Americans consume and the outcome of those actions. 

Government Surveillance

The United States governments broad surveillance programs and dealings with media and technology companies to try and compile massive data collections is criminal and a violation of the rights and privacy of all citizens.

Patriot Act

The broad and vague permissions granted to agencies like the NSA in the Patriot Act after the 9/11 attacks have been seriously misused and misapplied in an effort for the government to collect sensitive, private, and often totally unrelated data from citizens all across the country. The Patriot Act needs serious revision, if not total repeal and replacement with a constitutionally legal and secure alternative. 

FISA Restriction

Since it’s inception in 1978 under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the court appointed to make decisions on warrants and search requests with matters pertaining to National Security and Secret and above level intelligence gathering efforts, there have been some major abuses of the power of this court and its rulings on domestic surveillance. The FISA and it’s subsequent court need to be reviewed, updated, and brought into constitutional authority. 

Whistle Blowers

The very first amendement of The Constitution provides protections for the freedom of speech and press. Over the last couple of decades we have violated the very ideal of our founding. The first two paragraphs of the Constitution explain that when a government is no longer accountable to those it governs, when it becomes destructive of freedom to its own end, that the people have a right, they have a duty, to throw off such government and do whatever is necessary to protect the future security of this nations people. Whistle blowers are following those ideals to the letter and should be honored and celebrated as heros and not hunted down and silenced like villains. 

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