Sam Adams

For US House of Representatives

I want our government to be fiscally responsible and stop creating regulatory departments that are limitless in power and funding. I want our federal government to be limited and to give freedom and power back to the People and the States. I want our government to end “wars” that have been declared against it’s own people. Help me “Take Back Our Freedom”. 

A Vision For The Future

I understand that we have become comfortable with our current system of government. We have allowed our legislature to slowly delegate power to regulatory departments, robbing us of our voice and individual freedoms. I have a plan to reverse this dangerous course of action and put the American People back in charge of their elected officials. 


Actionable Issues

Many people believe that the federal government has the right, sometimes even the duty, to get involved in matters that should be handled by local or state governments. It is important that the federal government uses the Constitution to validate issues and not waste time on matters they do not have the enumerated authority to address. 


Contribute to a Cause

I believe in campaign finance reform and removing corporate influence and corruption from our system of government. Unlike many of the unfulfilled promises of other politicians I am committed to receiving only individual contributions and not participating in the “PAC” loophole that most candidates exploit to spend millions of dollars influencing elections. 


Don’t Forget to Vote!

Voting is our civic duty and obligation. It is how we honor those who have sacrificed everything to give us the opportunity to make a difference in our lives.








About Sam Adams

Sam Adams was born, the youngest of three, in a small town in Western Kansas to middle class parents who worked hard to support their family. From a very young age he can remember his grandparents telling stories about how his family had been involved in the fight for American Independence, and loved learning about history in school and hearing his family name associated with the founding fathers of our country. He attended school in Johnson County Kansas, where his mother had relocated with him and his two sisters at the age of 3, and was regarded by his teachers as having a unique intellect and talent for solving complex problems. During his high-school years Sam always maintained 1 or 2 jobs which his mother encouraged to teach him the responsibility of supporting himself through hard work and dedication. After graduating Sam declined to continue his formal education instead entering the workforce and excelling in the Sales, Marketing, and Technology industries. Sam continued to educate himself on industry and politics by spending years consuming the information from collegiate level textbooks and studying published public policy and budgets. 

Mission & Values

Sam Adams has developed a political philosophy over many years that is rooted in the fundamental principle of limiting government and focusing on communities and individuals taking responsibility for the well-being of their fellow Americans. For around 150 years at the start of our country we had a very limited government who fought to protect the liberties and freedoms of the citizens, and communities and philanthropic organizations rose to the task of providing much needed public services. Sam believes that if we can end the corruption in Washington and refocus our 3 branches of government on the articles of the Constitution, we can become a responsible and prosperous nation again and leave a legacy for our children to inherit.

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Get Involved

This campaign and my term in office, should the people support me, will never be tainted or corrupted with special interest or corporate leverage. In order for that promise to be met and to set an example of integrity and moral fortitude, we need help from you. We need volunteers, donors, and supporters who can get our message of “TAKING BACK OUR FREEDOM” to ring loud and clear across America. If you are interested in showing your support please contact the campaign.

News & Updates

Daytona Beach Celtic Festival

Libertarian candidate for Congress, Samuel Adams, spent 2 days talking with registered voters in district 6 about his platform and collecting petitions to participate on the ballot for congress in 2020. The event was wonderfully run and featured vendors and musical guests that helped celebrate America’s enriched history with citizens of Celtic backgrounds.

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Candidacy Announcement

Sam Adams of Daytona Beach has officially filed his candidacy with the FEC for the 2020 Election for Florida’s 6th Congressional District. Mr. Adams intends to run a campaign based on the Libertarian principles of non-government interference, tax and federal government reduction, and the protection of American’s inalienable rights.

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Without taking money from special interest groups or corporations looking to put a new candidate in their pocket we are counting on YOU to help us reach our goal to send Sam Adams to Washington and “Take Back Our Freedom”


The maximum individual contribution to this campaign is $2,800.00 per donor. In order to maintain federal compliance please limit your TOTAL contribution to no more than $2,800.00.

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